Pie.ai Strategy

Okay everyone's my first video today I'm going to be showing you the way to fly pie that AI I was close freeze, on so I played it I learned the strategy dip alright so the first thing I do is. You name yourself I know myself I rule / King you always can use the / King just to get a cool suit you don't it's free and stuff but you get this really. Cool suit like see this alright thing I do get hammers the hammers and keys are depth again hammers and keys and, you're good because then. They're just help you later on trust me I've gotten to number one on the leaderboard before they help but – let's try and find a key I don't know um here I know where keys are but I've got.

To find them, I don't know if they're always there alright so here's a key so I'm going to use my thumb got the die alright. So I almost died so I gotta use health I just go get some health there del use all right now I'm gonna go get a key see open these.

Things with the hammers and there. You go there's a key I chose the key you want to go and use this keyhole you want to put it in there then you jump in you get to choose two power times two which is.

This or 10 hammers I was used to power because it's easier to, kill people helps trust me I always do it and there. You go you can also upgrade power and the way I do it is I upgrade two.

Powers and I start upgrading other stuff so then I upgrade kind of evenly so you know I died because that dude is just interesting alright but. That's basically the strategy so see you later .